Services that Travis Electric Provides:

Travis service and maintenance division has over 60 years experience and is one of the largest commercial and industrial electrical maintenance firms in the Mid-South. Clients such as financial and educational institutions, large industrial and manufacturing facilities have depended on Travis service — a fact we are very proud of. Regardless of the size of the maintenance service requirements, Travis has the experience to solve electrical maintenance problems quickly and economically. Our team is committed to assessing your needs and providing innovative solutions to address your facility growth and operation.

Power Quality Audits

Travis Electric Company evaluates facilities and electronic equipment by conducting power quality audits. We are able to identify and solve any problems in the electrical environment and investigate to solve specific problems associated with electronic equipment and power interface.

Computer Room & Network Evaluation

Correctly installed electronic equipment power and grounding allows your facility operations to run efficiently. Travis Electric Company carefully inspects and audits computer rooms to maintain reliable operation and ensure data integrity.

The Fundamental Focus Of Each Evaluation Or Audit Is On:

  1. Life Safety
  2. Electrical Code Compliance
  3. Equipment Performance

The Power Quality Evaluation Primarily Focuses on 3 Areas:

  1. Physical Installation
  2. Electrical Environment
  3. Electrical Network Wiring

During each evaluation we check for electrical noise, voltage fluctuations, power drop-outs, ground loops, incorrect wiring, safety hazards and compliance. We conduct high frequency (Harmonic) test for noise and monitor the power at the site, during normal work load. The monitoring data provides the basis for a power quality profile of the site. At the conclusion of our evaluation we develop a written report detailing the findings and recommendations for corrective action. We explain the impact of present conditions and the results attainable after corrective action.

Facility Power Audits

The facility power audit offers the management of a facility the means to thoroughly review the facility’s electrical distribution. The review process helps to identify the causes of erratic system operation, poor reliability and hardware failure. When repeated annually the audit provides the basis for comparative analysis of system and equipment performance.

Facility Power Audits Include:

  • Power Quality Evaluation
  • Demand Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Energy Management

The magnitude of the facility power audit is determined by the activities included in the audit process. The data gathered during the audit process is analyzed and then collected in a formal report. This report describes key findings in detail and explains each recommendation to correct an identified problem.